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Janice Marie Phelps

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Janice's love of books was first evident when her father picked her up from a secondhand book sale at age 14, where she was waiting at the curb with two full cardboard boxes. She has been involved in the business of publishing for nearly 15 years. Since 1999, she has designed covers or interiors for over 100 books, illustrated four, and has been Production Editor on many titles. One of her favorite projects has been the "Will Turner's Flight Logs" series by British author, Chris Davey. Janice did the ink drawings of World War II aircraft that adorn each chapter page. She also illustrated a re-telling of the classic Canadian animal story, "Beautiful Joe" from the book, "They Called Me Beautiful" (under pen name Claire Starr). Working with authors from many regions has been a wonderful way to earn a living, and she has gained a deep appreciation for the work that goes into writing a meaningful, enlightening and entertaining book.

In addition to stylized scenes, realistic animal drawings and lifelike paintings of parrots, Janice creates abstract drawings focusing on color, line and shape. Next to hiking in the beautiful Wayne National Forest near her home in Central Ohio, she thinks drawing with a gentle bird and a small dog nearby is a great way to work. Janice is from Lancaster, Ohio, and graduated from Kent State University where she received a B.F.A. She has two sons and had a book published in October, 2007 called Open Your Heart with Pets: Mastering Life through Love of Animals. Dreamtime Publishing, ISBN 978-1-60166-009-1.

BookCrossing Train Stop
18" x 18" Ink

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