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Jennifer Long (de Herrera)

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Jennifer Long de Herrera is an American artist living and working in Cancun, Mexico. She divides her time between her art, graphic design work, and raising her 2 year old son.

Jennifer has loved drawing and making art in general as long as she can remember. As the daughter of artists she grew up in a environment rich in culture and with the materials for picture making always readily available. She attended North Carolina School of the Arts for her junior and senior years of high school. At Appalachian State University she continued to make traditional art, even while discovering the wonders of computers and deciding to major in the Graphic Arts.

Jennifer's initial concentration as an artist, was printmaking, especially wood cuts. The process of carving the blocks to print naturally seemed to lead to her interest in 3 dimensional art, which at this time she is exploring with her work in ceramics. But no matter what medium she is currently focusing on she never stops drawing.

Though Jennifer likes to move between different mediums, her work usually deals with the human figure, or an abstraction of it. Animals, and combinations of humans and animals are common. Her pieces are usually complex with many details. She tries to create pieces that are warm and inviting, that make the viewer want to stop and spend some time with them, and thoroughly explore all their nooks, crannies, and intricate details.

Jennifer has exhibited in the United States and Mexico in group shows. She hopes to have her first solo show within the next year.

Turtle Woman Interrupted

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