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Anton Octavian

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I was born in Ploiesti, Romania on April 10th, 1986. At the age of six, I was inspired by painting, and my parents encouraged it. They eventually enrolled me in the High School of Art where I learned about painting, sculpture, drawing and design. I graduated in 2005 and am studying at Timisoara's Faculty of the Arts. I have won numerous national competitions and include my work in personal collections around the world. “2002's Creation Camp” in Sinaia and “2003's Sculpture Camp” in both Busteni and Cluj-Napoca are just some of the work experiences which I've experienced. Additionally, I participated in two collective exhibitions in Bucharest and Sinaia.

I believe that all good artwork requires a sacrifice, and my passion comes from this vein of thought. Believing this idea has transformed me from an artisan to a true, creative artist as I consider the satisfaction for creation more important than the work and the time it takes to achieve it.

In My Dream
70 x 50 cm oil colors on cardboard

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