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BookCrossing Makes Author's Novel!!
Lori Lansen's "A Wife's Tale" introduces BookCrossing in her newest Novel
by JuneBug31
December 8, 2009
National Day Of Reading: November 21, 2009
by chubsiewhubsie
December 1, 2009
Back To BookCrossing in KANSAS
by explorer1118m
December 1, 2009
The BookCrossing Society
Classroom Corner Winner November 2009
by BCNewsletter
November 11, 2009
Cheez it! It's the Fuzz!
Oh please, officer, not me!
by T02S03B11D20
October 22, 2009
Cover me -- I'm going in!
by bobbarama
October 22, 2009
Our BookCrossing For LUCIA challenge
Or How BookCrossers All Over the World Raised Money and Had Fun
by LyzzyBee
October 21, 2009
BookCrossing Anniversary Convention 2010 - Tickets and T-shirts now available!
Snap up one of the 250 seats for the convention in Amsterdam now!
by Phoenix-Flight
October 15, 2009
Introducing the Classroom Corner
by heather
October 5, 2009
BookCrosser Exchange
Sending BookCrossers around the world
by Skyring
September 23, 2009
BookCrossers Team Up With Swedish Geocaching website
Geocaching is a modern treasure hunt, a world wide phenomenon like BookCrossing.
by Jozii
September 23, 2009
The Lowly Hunter
The Day I Learned Just How Low I Would Go When Hunting Books
by mrsjones
September 23, 2009
BookCrossing Crosses Borders
During Canada Jaunt, BC Thrills a Child and Intrigues a Customs Agent
by authorauthor
September 23, 2009
Author helps keep a bookring alive!
Lost bookring revived with autographed copy offered up from the author herself!
by BethanieKay
July 16, 2009
BookCrossing in the City of Gold
by mrbaggins1
July 16, 2009
The adventure of a lifetime!
Books have feelings too...let them enjoy life
by zoejayne
July 16, 2009
From cross, to book crossed
Turning a traveller's day around by introducing BookCrossing
by Phoenixshanghai
July 16, 2009
Vienna in Yellow
Annual German-language BookCrossing Meetup
by verenka
July 16, 2009
Why I Hate the Internet but Love BookCrossing
by klingonlover
July 16, 2009
BookCrossing gets animated
A UK reading campaign and web series goes international thanks to BookCrossers
by TheLostBook
June 24, 2009

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