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Two college students banned for publishing a book

by april7panda
May 5, 2014
I work at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, close to the administrative office, and I have some information on the dean Steve Linhart targeting and then banning two students for promoting a book on campus that they had written.
The book is called Pimp-O-Nomics Volume and it narrates college stories that the two students partook in at UCCS. It has raised a lot of controversy, along with their website at the school. Students at the college either love them or hate them. One student has even started a group called Ban Pimp-O-Nomics.
The two young men are really good at heart though, and have been dealt with unfairly by the school. The dean has personally targeted the two, sending out campus emails numerous times to multiple departments and can even be quoted to saying, "watch out for these trouble makers" and "these two are no good for the campus, make sure you catch them, so we can end this disruption to learning."
The dean has also made it a point to the staff to be aware of their website that features campus events and gives students addresses to college parties around the city.
Shawn Schweier wrote the book and is an alumnus from the school, but has since been banned from the whole campus because "he was auditing a psychology class."
Topher Modisett is the other student who is featured in Shawn's book and he has been banned from all of campus housing, only because he is a student and couldn’t be banned from all of campus. The dean noted some anonymous events that brought this about, but his main intent was to keep Topher away from the girls he was partying with in the dorms. After he was banned, Topher lost his job as a campus ambassador because he could no longer give campus tours.
Should students and alumni be banned from college campuses just because they publish something the dean disagrees with?
I am writing because these young boys were treated unfairly and I find it an atrocity to work with a man discriminating against the two who were just being college kids. College should be an open place where students are encouraged to share their ideas.

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