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Catching a BookCrosser

There's more than fresh produce to be found at a Farmer's Market
by bookczuk
August 23, 2011
Doing my usual rounds at the wonderful Charleston Farmer's Market the other day, I ran into EYCLady and her delightful daughter (who has called me "bookczuk" rather than my actual name since she could talk.) I kept my eyes open for Harper415SC and the mister, having their Saturday breakfast out at the crepe stand. Our Farmer's Market is a favorite spot for BookCrossers to come, get fabulous local produce and other goodies, and of course, leave books. Check the tables, the benches, the merchant stands and even the nooks of trees, and you'll usually find a book tucked away, in search of a new reader. I knew that a BookCrosser I'd not met was out at Folly Beach this week, so when I saw a BookCrossing shirt on someone, I figured it was her.

"I like your shirt", I said, as I buffaloed through the crowd to reach her.

"Thanks," she replied, not at all phased to have a lunatic approach her at a Farmer's Market.

"You're out at Folly Beach, right?", I inquired.

She nodded.

"Ummm, I'm bookczuk," I added so maybe she wouldn't think I was really a lunatic.

"Yes, I recognized you from your pictures."

Huh? That's weird. The Folly Beach visitor and I have had extremely minimal interaction. She must have gone to flickr or something and looked at public pictures, because I don't know her from my blog/journal or Facebook (where I try only to friend people I know in person), which is only slightly stalkerish/creepy, considering I'd just accosted a stranger in public, simply because she had Ballycumber on her shirt.

So, I pushed on in conversation, trying to make sense in my brain of what was happening. Only after a few more sentences did I realize that this is a completely different person than I'd expected, someone I have known for years on Live Journal and BookCrossing. Someone who I genuinely am fond of and have been hoping to meet one of the times she came to visit her sister who lives in Mt Pleasant or one of the Sea Islands East Cooper (except, because I haven't been keeping up with online lives as well as I should, I missed that there was a visit in the offing and that the sister in now out on Folly Beach. Oh well.)

But eventually, I caught on, and was delighted to realize I was chatting with a longtime on-line friend, right there in the market, next to the fresh herb stand. And, here's the documented proof. BookCrossing Smiles.

I caught a BookCrosser at the Farmer's Market!

FiddlerCrab and Bookczuk in the Charleston Farmer's Market during Spoleto

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