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A Thank You To All

by AngelFrouk
May 25, 2011

Some weeks ago I posed a question on the Dutch forum and asked if we should have another sweepstake. The last winner hadn't organised one since there had been some debate about sweepstakes and how they took over the forum. In that thread, Audje was nice enough to link to the thread of the last sweepstake and I sent the previous winner a personal message. As she was on holiday we didn't get a response right away and Bloedengel decided to organise a sweepstake called "The 'AngelFrouk wants to win a sweepstake' Sweepstake". This because I posted that I did not want to organise a sweepstake, I wanted to win one!

A few days ago the drawing was done and everyone who joined got a personal message with the name of the winner. Of course, no one can be sure if you've won or not, because it might just be the name of the decoy you get. When I arrived home yesterday, I found a package in my mailbox. I opened it and inside was a book! On the back of the package it said "Did you win??" Oh dear...

Today I found three more packages in my mailbox. All three had a card reading something like "You wanted to win so badly. I'm sorry you didn't win, but here's a book anyway!"
Yes, that's how nice BookCrossers are. Even if you don't win, you receive lots of books! I sent them all a PM, thanking them personally and I can't stop smiling. This really made my day, my week even.

And you know what the embarrassing part of this whole story is? I entered the INTL March sweepstake... and I won!

Oh dear...

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