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In the Australian Wild

Setting books free in Perth, Western Australia
by SaraJFoster
May 25, 2011
I’m planning to release five of my own books into the wild, tracking them with BookCrossing, to celebrate their publication and promote them in my home state of Western Australia. When I was thinking of having a ‘book hunt’ I immediately thought of BookCrossing – I loved the idea since first hearing of it a few years ago. Back in Ecuador in 2007 I left a book on a shelf in a cafe which might well still be there – and I’ve also let loose a couple of books in my home town, and encouraged a few family members to do the same. I haven’t yet managed to catch any books, but I do keep an eye out for hidden treasure near me.

When I first used BookCrossing I was a happy-go-lucky traveller! Now I am a mother and the author of two mystery suspense titles published by Random House in Australia. For new authors like me, it’s vital to try to spread the word about my books, so for one week in February 2011 I’ve decided to leave a book somewhere in or around Perth in Western Australia. Hopefully whoever finds them will enjoy them, pass them on and keep the chain going. If it works well I’d love to do it again in future. And if I’m really lucky, those who find them might even post a nice review somewhere!!

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