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Quality Over Quantity

Releasing for pleasure not punishment
by chubsiewhubsie
December 1, 2010
I love reading and can read a book a day and did so for years, then I joined BC in 2005. I wasn't too quick at the start but then something over took me,I have never been dx'ed with OCD but I had it bad. BookCross fever. Every where I went I looked for books to buy, I started trolling sales and would buy loads of books. Which can be expensive because by then I wasn't reading for pleasure I was buying for others, seldom for me. So long story short it was Jan 2010, I was 5 years into BC and 14,942 books given out. I got burned out as every trip I would take it was to find places to release more. ATM'S, stores and benches, you name it, I couldn't stop, box loads. So then I did stop, I quit dropping mass quanities of books. I do release still but now it is quality over quantity and BC has never been sweeter. Free a book and yourself.

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