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Imagine My Surprise...

or How One Person Came to BookCrossing
by minesayn
May 8, 2010
We share books; that's what BookCrossers do!

My older son, Michael, and I have always shared books (and book discussions, too) and a passion for reading. From K.A. Applegate's Animorph series to Harry Potter and more, it has been a constant form of communication for us (reading and sharing books is a great way to keep communication open with teens, but I digress). His favorite genre is science fiction, but for me, not so much. His all-time favorite novel is Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card, and mine's Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, which until recently went unshared.

Fast forward a bit--he is now in the Air Force, and having some spare time, he finally read my favorite; thus I felt it was time to read his, and I must say I loved it and not only that, but I understood why he loves it, too. Long story short, I asked about other books in the Ender series; he said that he felt only Ender's Shadow was worth reading (in his opinion, having read the others). Again, although sci-fiction, I read it and enjoyed it, too.

Fast forward again--he is now deployed and has the time to read voraciously. So, when I found a new novel by Orson Scott Card/Aaron Johnston called Invasive Procedure, I purchased, read, registered, and sent it to him in one of his care packages. So, imagine my surprise, when more than a month after its arrival, I got notification of a journal entry.

"Michael?" I think, "I'm impressed!", but I am wrong. It is one of the newest BookCrossers, tiggergirlAZ, who joined bookcrossing.com after finding the book in the "Morale Room" (a common area for deployed airmen). She checked out the site after noting the website address, and the BCID number, liked it, thought it was an awesome site, joined, and then journalled the book.

Her first journal of that book prompted me to PM her. Knowing how security conscious my son is, I wrote and told her a bit more about the privacy safeguards and other aspects of bookcrossing.com. Since then, we have been writing PMs back and forth about books and more. What's more, she knows my son, making this a smaller world. In fact, because I have sent her some other BookCrossed books, she likes to tease him, saying "I think your Mom likes me better than you!"

In the meantime, she has also convinced her mother and sister to become BookCrossers. Now that she'll be returning home from deployment, I can share this story of one of the newest BookCrossers, and the good karma, that's priceless.

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