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How About Hosting the 2012 Convention?

Amsterdam, Washington DC, then YOUR City?
by BCNewsletter
February 7, 2010
The Anniversary Convention, celebrated in April every year, is seeking a home. The 2009 convention was in New Zealand, the 2010 convention is in Amsterdam and the 2011 will be in Washington DC. While we'd like to gently encourage some sort of rotation of sites around the world, so that all BookCrossers have some reasonable opportunity to attend an Anniversary Convention, there is not a set, rigid rule about it all. Is your city the spot for our 2012 gathering?

Bids will be presented at the Amsterdam Anniversary Convention in April, though you needn't actually be there to speak. An on-site representative at the convention can speak for you (and your city) or you can send an electronic presentation, or maybe even a live webcast. Even if only one location submits a bid, it's still nice to have some sort of presentation. It's up to you (and your local group) how you send information about your town. FutureCat has kindly volunteered to help answer your questions about what is involved in hosting a convention or how to submit your location for consideration. A great place to start getting information is this article on hosting a convention. So why not give it some thought? Your town is pretty special and BookCrossing is a pretty special thing to celebrate. Why not bring the two together in 2012?

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