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National Day Of Reading: November 21, 2009
by chubsiewhubsie
December 1, 2009
Today I was part of a grass roots campaign across America. Why you ask? The answer is simple: to spread the importance of reading to all.

Earlier this year, ABC News reported that over 30 million Americans ages 16 and up are unable to read well. Surely this is an epidemic that touches someone we all know.

Today (November 21) was a National Day Of Reading also known as a Reading Party. This campaign of reading knew no color, ethnic or religious background. Best all no money was needed. My local Reading Party was hosted by supporter Lisa Milliron and held at the Rockport Branch of the Cleveland Public Library. There were local guest authors like Skip Zilla who read his A Very Short Story For Christmas. Marty Allen also attended and narrated the soon-to-be released book Lost At Sea, The Adventures Of Max & Mimi. I even set up a table and gave away BookCrossing books and handmade beaded book thongs to every attendee.

As this was the first annual Reading Party, attendance was low but spirit was high. I can proudly write that each and every state in the U.S. hosted a Reading Party today! I hope to write again next year and tell you all about a even bigger Reading Party and maybe, just maybe, you will attend or host one in your state.

For more information on Reading Parties, click here.

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