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Cheez it! It's the Fuzz!

Oh please, officer, not me!
by T02S03B11D20
October 22, 2009
It was a beautiful day today! Sunny, and 65 degrees out, it seemed like a good day to walk around the neighborhood and drop off books for the Spooktacular Challenge I was participating in. After all, it was October 21st, and the weather wouldn't stay nice for much longer.

I started off by leaving a book on a bench by the river, and then walked a few blocks off the main street. My intention was to walk the Albion College campus, and leave some books on benches. On the way, I walked down some stairs into a small park, and left a book there. Leaving, I saw that a memorial rock had a plaque with a ledge on top, and it was closer to the street than the spot I picked. I thought that on the way back, I would get the book and place it on the stone, instead.

I entered the campus, and found some benches that I thought would have a lot of students walking by, and left two more books. Then, I started back retracing my steps. As I approached the park, I noticed a police car coming down the road. I thought nothing of it, and I started down the stairs to the park. Nothing, that is, until it abruptly pulled over and parked in the very spot where I had to come back up the steps!

I retrieved the book, but thought that I would not be leaving it on the stone, since the police car was parked right there. I later left it at another park. I turned the other way from the direction the police car was facing, and left with no problem. But, my imagination had me thinking that someone had called in to the station and asked them to be on the lookout for a girl in beige slacks and white sweater who was leaving mysterious packages in plastic bags all over town!

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