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Author helps keep a bookring alive!

Lost bookring revived with autographed copy offered up from the author herself!
by BethanieKay
July 16, 2009
I always knew that BookCrossers were wonderful, generous people – but I learned that the same can be said about the authors of the books that we read!

In 2007, I read “The Tuesday Erotica Club” by Lisa Beth Kovetz. Ok, so I admit I picked up the book mostly because the title caught my eye, but also because it seemed like an interesting story! The book turned out to be really good, so I offered it up as a bookring on the BC forum and had many takers. After only a couple of readers, the book was, sadly, lost in the mail. I really wanted to keep my bookring going and allow the remaining BCers on the ring to read the book.

I turned to the forums again, to see if anyone had a copy of this book that they might be willing to trade with me so I could continue the bookring. Imagine my surprise when, about a week later, I received an email from the author of the book herself, offering to send me a signed copy! Lisa Beth said that a friend saw my plea for a replacement on the BC forum, so she found my email address on my bookshelf and wrote to me for my mailing address. In my email exchange with Lisa Beth, I told her how amazed I was at her generosity and down to earth gesture, and that I would ensure her book traveled around the world as much as possible, touching as many readers as I could find who showed interest in my bookring.

The autographed book arrived in the mail about a week later, with the inscription “Dear Beth, I love the idea of your book circles. It’s a great way to keep reading moving around the world. Thanks for making me a part of it. Warmly, Lisa Beth Kovetz”

True to my word, I sent the replacement book out again for the other remaining readers in the bookring to enjoy. It finally returned home to me just a couple months ago, and in its two years of travelling, it visited 20 different BookCrossers in six different countries.

I didn’t want this author’s gesture to go unnoticed or unappreciated. Lisa Beth could have turned the other way when she heard of my plight, hoping multiple readers would go buy a copy of the book – but instead she chose to send me one book, for multiple readers around the world to enjoy for free. She may have lost a tiny bit of revenue from book sales, but I’m hoping she gained new readers who appreciated her writing style and gesture of goodwill toward BookCrossers.

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