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BookCrossing gets animated

A UK reading campaign and web series goes international thanks to BookCrossers
by TheLostBook
June 24, 2009
The Lost Book is an animated web series that’s all about encouraging people to enjoy stories, books, and BookCrossing. It’s part of the UK’s largest reading campaign, The Lost World Read 2009, and BookCrossers have been helping us to spread the word internationally.

One of our favourite BookCrossing stories comes from TomHl in Wisconsin. A fan of Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World, TomHl took the special reading campaign edition on a river adventure. We celebrated here in Edinburgh by drinking a toast to TomHl at last month’s City of Literature salon evening!

The Lost Book’s first release challenge took place in March and April. A massive 107 books were released in honour of Watson the dog, one of the animated heroes of The Lost Book. ResQgeek scored highest, with 72 releases and 6 catches. Lots of creativity was used in selecting books and release locations – how about Champ, left by ResQgeek with Franklin D Roosevelt’s dog Fala at the FDR memorial in Washington and Death of a Murderer, left at the Sherlock Holmes Museum on Baker Street by KiwiinEngland?

A second release challenge started today – the AileenAdler, another animated character from The Lost Book. (Aileen’s been BookCrossing throughout her adventures – we’ve even had a couple of catches from books that Aileen released within the animation: The Big Over Easy and The Dumas Club.)

We’ve also been wild releasing books ourselves: hundreds of copies of The Lost World plus hundreds of books donated by sponsors canongatebooks. So far we’ve had 28 catches and 19 new members from wild releases. One of our favourite journal entries came from new member rossbuddie in Amsterdam: "It was a great read, and it's very satisfying knowing that I am now passing it on to someone else who will in turn pass it on... thelostbook.net and bookcrossing.com are my nicest finds on the internet so far in 2009."

We’re running bookrays for 24 titles (so far!) – take a look at the list and PM if you’d like to join. They include all of Jasper Fforde’s novels (and if you’re a Fforde Ffan, don’t miss the chance to take part in our collaborative writing competition using characters he created!). There’s also a bookring for China Mieville’s Un Lun Dun – dedicated by the author "To all the Book-crossers out there!" – that has been getting rave reviews. The bookring includes postcard stories written by every BookCrosser who takes part.

Taking part by writing stories is a theme of The Lost Book. The web series is written by members of the public, including lots of BookCrossers. If you’d like to join in, visit www.thelostbook.net and let us have your plot suggestions. You’ll need to hurry up – there’s only one episode left in the series, so we’re currently talking about how the story should finish. We’ll look forward to reading your ideas!

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