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Karma or coincidence - what do you call it?

by Vespa
April 20, 2009
I have an arrangement with my local charity shop that any books unsold after a certain time get boxed up and sent to me instead of being thrown away. Each month I give them a small donation and in return receive several large boxes of books.

I'm always happy to share my abundance of books, and having promised fellow BookCrosser Jillbe a box of books when I next see her, I settled down to register a load for her. In the bottom of the box, I saw a book with a tatty label that someone had attempted to rip off, and my heart gave a little flutter. Sure enough, just readable were the words "take me home with you". I have had thousands of books from this shop over the past 4 years and never have I had a BookCrossing book.

The book was registered by ChinaSourcer in 2004....so how did it end up in my local charity shop? I rushed to the site to journal it and was surprised to find that JillBe released it 9 months ago :-) Sadly, the catcher didn't journal it, so I will never know how the book travelled across the length of our town, but I'm thrilled that it somehow found its way to my charity shop and into my box so that I could ensure it continues its journey just a little bit further.

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