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Release #75, what to do…

by harper415sc
March 18, 2009
Last summer, I decided to join BookCrossing so I could find new homes for many of my books. Like many other newbies to the site, I care about my books, but was also excited about someone else reading them.

Up until now, I stuck to designated BookCrossing shelves. (In Charleston, SC, there are many designated OBCZ shelves in the area, so it was easy.) I received several journal entries and my books were disappearing off the shelves. However after many releases on the shelves, it was no longer satisfying and I wanted to be bold and leave a book in the wild.

Also, in Charleston, we are fortunate to have bookczuk who is master releaser. I reached out to her for some pointers and we planned to meet up for my first wild release. First, it was a book tucked into a magazine rack in a café; then the cheesy romance novel got left in front of a lingerie store. Later on, the romance book on the sidewalk was gone. Although no journal entries, it was nice knowing someone picked up the book.

The next weekend, without bookczuk, I left a book out in the wild. We're planning another release walk soon and I'm saving my books and looking for themes.

For those of you who are like I am, take your time. Start simply. Go from a designated shelf in the coffee shop, to the café, and finally outside some place. You can do it. With patience and practice, we can become those master releasers who see the connections from a word in a book title to a themed release.

Editor's note: This piece got us chuckling and thinking about what bookczuk must have been thinking. So we asked her. And she told us. You can read her thoughts here.

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