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Flying Book

Winging Its Way Around the World
by Slik-Bic
March 18, 2009
I love the anticipation when releasing a book in the wild, the pleasure of discovery when finding someone else’s released book, the thrill when someone finds one of your releases… But nothing beats the excitement of finding out your book has taken flight!

I always wondered if bookcrossing.com really did send books around the world. Sure there were articles about lucky members who found a book that started from somewhere else in the world but I wondered if here in New Zealand, whether the same success could be had. After all, we do not have countries on our borders as we’re surrounded by sea. Even the country is made up of two major islands and smaller ones.

Now I can confidently say “It works!” Books do travel the world. I am always excited when someone discovers one of my released books but I was absolutely gob-smacked to find that my book* was travelling to another country! To be told it was to be released in a different country in an international airport was fantastic and left a smile on my face all day.

So never despair, it does happen and can happen even in a small country far away from most. Books really can fly!

Editor's note: We're not 100% sure but we've done a bit of sleuthing and believe the book to be The Murder Book by Jonathan Kellerman.

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