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... and our love for them
by texaspaula
February 9, 2009
Every time I come to the BookCrossing website, I am reminded again of what a pleasure reading is. I recently broke my hip and was incapacitated for several weeks. Instead of flowers, my daughter (the one who introduced me to BookCrossing) knew the perfect gift for me. She brought me books.

I am an active outdoor person so this was a very depressing time for me. Whenever I found myself getting down, I opened a book. That was all it took. I was transported. No longer was I bed bound, no longer did I have to use a walker to walk. I was free and I soared....

Books have done this for me all my life. Books have opened doors where I didn't know doors even existed. I have been to so many countries, states, towns, cities and homes through books and met so many exciting people along the way.

I recently read a new book and it again awakened the desire that has been inside my heart for years -- The desire to write. The thought that I might write something that would inspire someone to write here on the site about "the wonderful" book they had just read by another BookCrosser -- Oh that makes my heart warm!

So, thank you BookCrossing, for showing me again why I love books so much and for awakening my dream again. Maybe, just maybe someday...

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