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Redoing the Charleston: Bally at the Beach

Charleston BookCrossers invite you to the 2008 UnConvention, American Style
by CharlestonBCers
June 20, 2008
palmetto bally modMidpoint between the 2008 Anniversary Convention which was in London and the 2009 Anniversary Convention in New Zealand, the Charleston BookCrossers would like to welcome any and all who wish to gather in, to an impromptu get-together here in South Carolina. Since there is no official or semi-official North American Convention this year, we're taking a page (ha!) from the UnConventions of the UK and and are welcoming one and all to a state-side Unconvention: Charleston style: Redoing the Charleston. Redoing the Charleston (or Bally at the Beach, if you prefer.)

Join us Columbus Day Weekend (October 10-12 though people are welcome before and after) in glorious Charleston, South Carolina. No formal daily agenda, but we have some ideas for activities, a party or two, plus a rematch Quiz night. You can check out our UnAgenda here.

Why are we doing this, you ask? Didn't we just have multitudes of BookCrossers come to Charleston in April 2007 to "paint the town yellow?" Didn't we learn? Don't we need time to recover?

Well, yes, yes and yes. When it became clear there would be no chance for BookCrossers to gather in large numbers on this side of the pond, folks contacted us asking if they could just come to Charleston again. And, like childbirth, we remembered all the fun. The headaches of things like wonky wireless connection and puddles in the parking lot were just dim memories. What made us smile were the memories of all the fabulous folks who came to Charleston, the laughter and the wonderful feeling of camaraderie. Discovering old friends that you just met. Being with other BookCrossers was what people enjoyed the most of everything that weekend. We talked it over, and decided that if we planned a much less formal get-together, it might be possible to do. So that's what we're offering. Our goal is to provide you with a couple of places/times where you can "for sure" meet up with other BookCrossers. There will be no speakers (except if they happen to be speaking around town, no book sales or signings planned, nothing formal -- just the chance to get together with other BookCrossers and have fun in a fabulous city that loves BookCrossing.

And rest assured, Charleston is both a beautiful city and one that loves BookCrossing. When people around town, from the Mayor to the gal who runs the Farmers' Market, heard that BookCrossers might actually be back en masse, huge smiles filled their faces. One local merchant said, "Cool! The invasion of the Book People redux!" Our OBCZ owners are thrilled as well, and are working with us to provide space for our evening gatherings.

We can wax poetic all day about the beauty and graciousness of Charleston, South Carolina. But instead, we’ll let others do it for us. Our Visitors Bureau has loads of links and information to help you round out your trip, should the lure of BookCrossers not be enough. They’ve got lists of where to dine, what to see, even what to pack! Check it out for sure. Charleston’s historic district is best explored by foot, car or carriage ride. Our history dates back to the early colonial days and there’s tons to see and do here, from our historical past to our new (and fabulous) Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry. We’ve got beaches, fine dining, semi-tropical beauty, coastal waterways, history, progress, art, science...and bumma! Who can ask for more?

We've posted links for people to arrange housing within their own budgets, including info on beach houses for folks get together and share out at the edge of America, Folly Beach. We've got lists of people who have indicated they're interested in coming, and where they're thinking of staying (if they have told us, that is. We're good at many things, but still have not mastered mind-reading.) We're were determined to keep this in the very affordable range and have tried to keep the cost reasonable. Be sure to check out our website, which we are updating regularly. Information is also posted in the Conventions and Meetings forum.

So, where will you be October 10-12? Y'all come on down!!!

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