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A Circulating Book Gathers No Moss

Tuned books meet an audience in Tampere, Finland
by CatharinaL
June 22, 2008
A country already ranking high in relative BookCrosser density, Finland is ever active to find unique ways to promote everybody's favorite pastime.

The prolific BC community of Tampere, an inland city of 200,000 inhabitants in south-western Finland, proudly presented Kiertävä kirja ei sammaloidu: a month-long exhibition of diverse and diversified BookCrossing books.

The exhibition, whose title translates as A Circulating Book Gathers No Moss, put on a colorful display of tuned, pimped, and altered BC books. The shelves exhibit close to 90 books, all tuned using a multitude of imaginative materials and techniques. The volumes range in genre from poetry to books for children and young people, and the new covers now bear amusing and witty references to the content.

Says Tarna, the lady behind the idea, “We are promoting a joint effort of the community. The key words here are co-operation and diversity. Not everybody is a paper crafts pro, but the important thing was to have a great time contributing!”

The exhibition also featured a general info desk and a table where visitors could pick up normal BC books and bring in their own used books.

The exhibition at the Sampola Library was open on weekdays from 6 - 29 May, 2008, and was immediately followed by a mass release in downtown Tampere.

Pictures will be made available at the Finnish BookCrossers' site http://bookcrossingfinland.net/wiki/Kirjaesittely_Sampolassa

Stay tuned for further news on Nordic co-operation!

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