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It's been a year already?

A BookCrosser's reflection on her one year bookiversery
by ModMouse
May 6, 2008
As of today, April 7, 2008, I will have been with BookCrossing for a year.

I initially found out about BookCrossing almost a year before I joined. The first book I found with the BC label was, I believe, Texas Sunrise. This was on my school campus. I was hesistant to pick up the book at first, but by the end of the day, I caved in and took it home with me. I wrote a journal entry or two on it, read it, and then sent it back to the wild. The next registerd book I eventually found was Habits of the Heart. I was still an anonymous finder when I initially journaled the book, but I had joined BookCrossing by the time I let that one go.

I had accumulated quite a few books over the years: some of which I had read (including some text books) and hadn't had a chance to sell or donate and some I had gotten at a garage sale or somewhere else but never had gotten around to reading yet. I don't know what the final confirmation that I would join was, but I eventually decided to give a shot at this BookCrossing stuff to help lighten my book load a bit. So, I registered some of my books, read them if I hadn't and released them if/after I had. I currently have 56 releases to my name. That's a lot of books that would otherwise be sitting on my shelf. Only one has been caught that I know of so far, and that was back in November. As discouraging as the low catch count can be sometimes, I try to keep in mind that at least it's not sitting on my shelf going to waste. But who knows? I may someday hear back on more of my books.

I hope to stick with BookCrossing for as long as possible. Even if I run out of books to read and release, maybe I'll be able to buy more from somebody else, and then read and release those.

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