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Revisiting SSMs

Revamped, Revised and Ready for YOU!!
by BCNewsletter
January 9, 2008
ssm logo Thanks to dedicated BookCrossers, SSMs are back in action! Though there was a brief resurrection a year or so ago, the volunteers who manned the project were unable to continue. Plus there was that whole Sunday Sunset bit, and also the confusion as to where the SSMs fit in relationship with the Release Challenge Forum.

Enter intrepid BookCrosser dicentragirl. She had taken a bit of a break from BookCrossing but was back and wondering where the SSMs had gone. She read through past threads and then figured there was no reason a member couldn't post unofficial SSMs. She wrote up a year's worth, trying to keep within the spirit of the original ones and to keep them international. (One of the problems the original volunteers had was many of the suggestions sent in were very U.S.-centric and would be difficult to apply to international settings. As BookCrossing grows, we're making a major effort to reflect the diversity of our global community - even in SSMs.) Dicentragirl posted her plan in the forum, found support and has been posting SSMs ever since. Way to go!

BookCrossing is 100% in favor of the SSMs being member-driven. While some people argue there is little difference between SSMs and release challenges, those who participate in one, the other, or both, seem to feel differently. SSMs are events linked to one specific time. While release challenges can also be a one-day event, they usually lack the narrow time focus of the SSM. Additionally, despite slim participation, SSMs were missed. Our support team regularly was getting queries as to what happened to the SSMs, as well as suggestions for possible future ones. As to the confusion of the title of the forum, sometime in early 2008, look for new descriptions in our SSM forum. SSM will now mean "Special Sunset Mission", to help when the mission needs to be on a day of the week other than Sunday.

One thing that is probably important to maintain is that there only be one SSM a week, so as not to dilute the focus, and to keep it different from Release Challenges. Right now, dicentragirl has stepped in and gotten things organized. All the missions are organized by date (in U.S. format -- month/date for 2007 but perhaps in 2008 the year can be added as well.) If there are others interested in helping, why not get a discussion and a plan going in the forum? In the meantime, we are reprinting an article from October 2005 on SSM Basics, with some minor edits to bring it up to date.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of SSMs. SSMs are posted in our fabulous . Listed below are a few things to help you out in your mission

Rules of SSMs:

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