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A Gift That Endures

Christmas with BookCrossing
by needywriter
January 9, 2008
Christmas is the season for giving, and I was preparing for Christmas 2007, I wondered what I could give my family that would not expire, would not be unappreciated, would last longer than the season, and could be given to others as well.

So I gathered up my books, picked the ones that perfectly depict each of my family members, wrapped them up with the BookCrossing BCID and bookmark within, and put them under the Christmas tree. It was so exciting for me to pick each book to match my family's personalities -- Stephen King's The Shining for my sister, Roots and Writing: Poetry from Spain 1900-1975 for my uncle, Traveler's Tales: Mexico for my brother-in-law, and The Case for Christ for my mother.

This past Christmas season has been the most exciting because books are a gift that keep giving, expecially when they are BookCrossing gifts.

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