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You might be a BookCrosser if...

Ten ways to tell if you are addicted to BookCrossing
by ResQgeek
December 4, 2007
So you've registered a few books, and maybe even released some. You've browsed the Forum, reading people's posts, and sometimes replying. But how can you tell when the BookCrossing bug has really bitten? Here are some signs that you might be addicted to BookCrossing:

  • You never leave home without book(s) to release.
  • You constantly evaluate public places for their themed release potential.
  • You find it impossible to go past a bookstore without stepping inside.
  • You decide what book to read next based on what books you need for your current release challenge.
  • The initials "RABCK" and "BCID" don't look like military acronyms to you.
  • Your "to be read" pile is perpetually threatening to bury you in a catastrophic avalanche.
  • The first thing you do with a used book is open the cover to look for a BCID.
  • You have listened to an online feed for a radio station from another country just because they were scheduled to talk about BookCrossing.
  • You identify your friends by their screen names, even when you know their real names.
  • Your infant child's very first word is "book".

If any of these apply to you, you might be a BookCrossing addict. Don't worry, you are not alone. The solution is clear...release some more books!

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