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I love my bookring!

by theauthor
January 9, 2008
After many years and many attempts, I finally finished writing my first book this past summer.
I wanted to share it with everyone and started giving away copies to anyone who showed even a spark of interest. The thrill I felt each time a new person opened my book was indescribable. Eventually though, I ran out of friends. Where could I find more people to read my work? And how could I get people from all over to share the book so I wouldn’t go broke buying copies? BookCrossing!

I have two copies traveling in a bookring. People throughout the U.S. (and Canada, too) are reading my first book and sharing their thoughts on it. Today I read another positive journal entry and I almost cried. BookCrossing is helping me realize a lifelong dream. But as exciting as all this is, it’s also a little bit terrifying. I know no book will appeal to everyone and I live in fear of that first negative review. Even a lukewarm reaction will sting when it happens, but somehow I feel that I may still look back and thank BookCrossing for making it possible.

I hope to start another ring for my second book in a few weeks and I am looking forward to another ride.

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