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Find a Sasquatch in the Woods

Fun Themed Releases
by guinaveve
October 3, 2007
You could find a Sasquatch in the woods in Ohio, Goblins in the Castle at the Renaissance Festival, 10th Grade at the high school, or Separate Beds at the mattress store. One might think that the Sasquatch and the Goblins in the Castle would be figments of someone’s imagination, but not if you are talking about BookCrossing wild releases.

When a title so obviously lends itself to themed releasing, I can’t resist. I hold onto that book until I can release it at the perfect spot I have in mind. Other titles may not be as obvious, but that can make it all the more amusing. The release Dangerous Kiss with the cold sore/fever blister medicines in the pharmacy still makes me chuckle over a year later as does Shine on Bright and Dangerous Object with a display of knives and food shredders. A Day No Pigs Would Die is one of my more recent releases on a pig statue at a barbecued pork restaurant.

I find these releases so enjoyable that I have hosted two consecutive challenges just to see what others can come up with, one in 2005 and one in 2006. Releasing Sasquatch reminded of these past challenges and has sparked my interest for doing another, so look for it soon in the Release Challenges forum!

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