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Recruiting an author

A BookCrossing Introduction
by ResQgeek
July 6, 2007
About a year after I joined BookCrossing, I realized that the reviews I was writing in the journals for the books I was reading might also be useful on Amazon.com. What I didn't expect was that these reviews would allow me to recruit a newly published author to BookCrossing.

It all happened a few weeks ago. An e-mail arrived in my inbox from a new author, complimenting one of my Amazon reviews and asking if I would be interested in reading and reviewing her book. Review a free book? Of course I was interested!

In my reply, I warned her that if she sent me the book, I would register it at BookCrossing and pass it on when I finished with it (full disclosure, and all that). I included a brief description of BookCrossing, so she'd have enough context to understand what I was talking about. Her response suggested that she'd be interested in what any additional readers might have to say about her book.

Well, there's my opening...I quickly sent her another note suggesting that she consider joining BookCrossing herself and registering the book before sending it on to me. I pointed out that this way, she could keep tabs on the book, and read the other readers' thoughts. Sure enough, she liked the idea. She joined as romina7 and registered the copy of her book she sent me.

The book arrived in the mail a couple of days later, and I quickly read it and posted my review in both the book's journal and at Amazon. Because the author is so interested in feedback for her first book, I've organized a bookray for this book. The book is now on its way to its first stop on a journey that will take it across the USA and on to Europe. I hope the author enjoys the feedback, and maybe she'll consider sharing other books as well.

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