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Is there life after Lost & Found?

Good news for books released on Disney property (and elsewhere)
by ResQgeek
January 15, 2007
What happens when you release a book in a public area and an employee picks it up and delivers it to Lost & Found? This question has formed the basis for a good deal of discussion in the Forum. One thread warns that releasing on Disney property will result in the books disappearing into eternal limbo.

I had heard these warnings before I went to Disney World last winter, and I had released books on an earlier trip there without getting any catches. Still, there are a LOT of people at Disney World, and I suspect that at least some of the books that are released there are caught before the cleaning staff can snatch them into Lost & Found. At least that's what I told myself as I packed my pile of books to release during our week in Central Florida.

I released a dozen or more books that week. I still haven't received journal entries from most of them, though a couple were caught and journaled. However, the AnonymousFinder entry I received for a book I released at Disney's Animal Kingdom read: "This book looks lame, so I'm sending it to our Central Lost and Found department where it will languish in obscurity pretty much forever. I'm glad to be breaking the chain of your stupid book-trading idea."

Even though I'd been forwarned, the rudeness of this journal entry irritated me. It was one thing to mindlessly toss a book into Lost & Found, but to take the time to journal that it was being done, and to mock the very idea of releasing books? That just hurt.

Eventually, I put the incident behind me, and I pretty much had forgotten about the book and the rude AnonymousFinder. Until today, that is, when I received another journal entry for this book. Somehow, in spite of all the dire warnings about being forever trapped in Lost & Found, this book had escaped! How it did so remains undocumented, but somehow it found its way back into the wild, where it was recaptured and journaled.

So, for everyone who suspects that they've released books only to have them languish in a Lost & Found department somewhere, there is hope. Our wild books can escape this limbo and continue their journeys through the world. And when you least expect it, one might just check in with a journal entry to let you know it's still around and traveling.

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