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"Bookcrossing" becomes a graphic novel

by -Virgilio-
November 19, 2006
Publisher Tunuè is going to release a graphic novel by two young Italian authors: Luana Vergari (aka lunavergari), who wrote the script, and Mauro Cao, who made the graphics.

Bookcrossing is the story of a book, "Life", and of the chase for it: everyone would like to have it, but nobody seems to know the events it tells; it is the story of more or less ordinary men and women, who convey in this book their own perspective of the world. The practice of BookCrossing is used here as a narrative device to report emotions, crossing lives, recurring stories.

The life of Thomas, a young scientist of Palomar observatory who dreams of a Universe theory that, at least once, is able to conjugate mathematical formulas and poetry.
Then comes Howard's life, an old man who lived the horrors of war and Nazism but is incessantly in search for the sense of life.

Jane, an aged, but still red-haired woman with an open smile and a huge secret: she's the only one who knows the mystery hidden under the book. And finally there are Alice and Nick, two kids living the magic and delicate moment leading from childhood to early adolescence, when the boundaries of life are redrawn and they are unavoidably moving toward each other.

To celebrate the event, the Italian BookCrossers have organized a meeting with the authors and publishers on November 25 in Rome, at the "Rinascita libri" bookshop in Viale Agosta 36. For this occasion they have conceived a theme release titled "Release ink stripes", with labels ( found here) based on a drawing by Mauro Cao!

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