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700 libri for BC-Italy..

..look, they turned into 1700!!
by lizzyblack
November 20, 2006
It’s early afternoon of a cold autum’s Saturday, when I take my car and drive to Como; while driving I think over this whole thing: it only started less than 2 ½ months ago, an Italian magazine gave to BookCrossing-Italy 700 books, and the BC-Italy staff decided to release them, all together, in different cities. Well, you will probably read in astonshment that, in this short time, we gathered, registered and labelled many more books, and then, just to take sum of what we did, we found out that the books were 1700. 1700 books are to be released today, nov.11.

Verona started in the morning. As Il-Picchio reports, the group started with 4 people, and collected many other Bcers (old and new) on the path. Bolzano follows in the release, Last-Unicorn and Shannara prepared 103 books in 3 different languages. News from Alessandria come quickly, Lupurk tells us that people follow them in the way, taking books and looking curiously. Quinnipak and the Roman group start from the Pincio terrace, covering Villa
All the groups are busy overhelming the city centers with books. 150 of them will be released in my city, Como.

It’s just a lot of fun meeting the girls down in the city center, having with us only two men, taking to walk a lovely dog, and releasing, releasing, releasing. A woman even follow us to give another bag full of books, and we have prenumbered labels, can’t believe how organized we are ;) We walk through the city center, leave books on the boats docking on the shore, leave some others to the station, close the Dome, give some directly to people. The afternoon goes quickly, and at the end of the release, we are happy and tired. But not tired enough, as me and Alpenliebe take the car and drive to Milan: here’s where the mass release it’s going to happen.

As we reach piazzale Aquileja, I spot Zazie, who will give me an hand on reporting about the evening. I see there’s a cameraman, and someone interviewing LiberLiber: there’s the TV, nobody thought it was supposed to come! I walk through the rails, and find Vanya giving bags full of books, 3 each BookCrosser. Those are the remaining, and there’s a lot on the car.

Here starts the adventure: we all hop on the tram n.30, and every 2 stops, 4 BookCrossers get off and make a release through the city center. Some of them put up a reading while walking and releasing. Zazie, tells later, is one of the groups getting off quite at the beginning. The cameraman follows her down, to take testimonial on what they are going to do. People look curiously, walk close to them, ask what happens, smile. She has the same feeling I have, people love us, we are just gorgeous ;)

I stay on the tram up to the intermediate stop, where all the BookCrossers will be recollected. And then, again, let’s go! This time I am the first to get off with a group of other 4 girls, the ones I actually met thanx to BookCrossing, the ones I couldn’t wait to meet again. And it’s all fun! We keep on leaving books everywhere, and we suddenly feel people realize we’re not a legend, we really exist! When we have all the books-releases done, we take again the bus, keep on smiling each others, or I’d better say laughing to tears, thinking that this is one of the most funny time we’re spending together.

Here we are, again, to piazzale Aquileja. Some of the BookCrossers are already there, waiting for the others to come. This time we are really tired. It’s time to relax, and sit with a pizza. Tomorrow we’ll be on TV. Tomorrow, we hope, our mailbox will be full of catches.

Thanx to all those who put work and effort to realize the Day. We are proud of ourselves. We are proud of our crew ;)

I’d like to thank the BC-Italy staff for giving me the chance to write this article. Then, I can’t forget to thanx all those who gave me reviews on how things went were I couldn’t be in (Il-Picchio, Last-Unicorn, Quinnipak, Lupurk, Zazie), and the ones who took time to make photographs and sent me the links (Rosencrantz, Shannara, -Virgilio-, Babina, Pallina, Tostoini, Mitica88, Xenia, SpiderJerusalem, Luna78).

Last, but not least, Liberliber, who organized, took control and had the force stand us all.. Thanx for your great job.

Links to the pics (click on name for photo album.):

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