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Going- Going- Sold!

About 900 books find new homes with Dutch BookCrossers
by yvonnep
August 9, 2005
On July 20, a BookCrosser spotted a peculiar offer on the Dutch eBay. Someone wanted to get rid of around 900 books. Not specified. Just books. 21 banana boxes full of books. The Dutch BookCrossing community couldn’t resist it.

If only one person would bid on behalf of all, the price wouldn’t rise excessively. Who wanted to be the official bidder? And what price would be reasonable? The Dutch community appeared to have a real business sense, the negotiation was quick and easy and showed trust. If more things in the world…

The agreement was this: 42 BookCrossers would each pay € 5 so that the maximum bid could be € 210. We even got sponsored with € 20 by the Amsterdam OBCZ, Café Lef. E-mile would be the official bidder. If in the end we had more money than needed, BookCrossers could choose to either give the agreed-upon amount of € 5 or give just the sum of money that was needed. Anything left over would be reserved for charity. In the same trusting atmosphere, the object of charity was chosen: The Dutch AIDS Foundation.

The majority of the bidding action was on the starting day and from July the 21st, E-mile had a comfortable top position with € 71,50.

It goes without saying that patience was most needed. There were lots of excited forum posts, there was even a virtual gallery for all those who didn’t participate, but were excited as well. On July 25, the auction ended. The forum posts were innumerable. Of course it generated a hot tread. But in the middle of the morning we could say that the Dutch Bookcrossing Forum owned around 900 books for exactly € 71,50.

E-mile and Tiekie went to fetch them. E-mile, jgralike and yvonnep spent hours and hours sorting the books out, categorizing them and making 42 Surprise Book Packages (SBP). It was hard work, but rewarding, because the whole Dutch Forum Community was applauding in the background.

On August 7, everybody got his or her SBP in OBCZ Café Lef. It was a wonderful and warm conclusion of a typically Dutch BookCrossing event. Have a look at the photos here.

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