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D. Quijote, a bookcrosser?

Celebrating a big birthday, next World Book Day
by OlePinto
April 19, 2005
I have recently wondered, what would Don Quijote think of BookCrossing? Just imagine, having La Mancha full of free books and chivalry... Well, books were then a precious thing, so maybe freeing them would be more difficult.

But imagine if Don Quijote were living now. He would probably be too busy righting wrongs to spend much time reading, but would feel envious of the many adventures some books find. And, he probably would think hunting books an incredible adventure.

We can only guess what the famous knight would think of BookCrossing. But we share a feeling about the knight, as the inspiring character he is, and about the literary landmark his story represents. Now, put together the 4th centenary and World Book Day and... well, we HAD to do something. So we, Madrid BookCrossers, gave life to Rocinante05, which has been capturing books for some weeks now, and will release all of them next April 23*, in front of a monument to D. Quijote and Sancho Panza. Most of them are copies of Don Quijote de la Mancha, there are many Novelas ejemplares, also by Cervantes, as well as other titles of the same author, or others related in one or another way to the Quijote, or Cervantes.

We have designed some labels and travel diaries related to the event, they can be seen here.

We are inviting the media to go and tell what they see, as well as to write about it before it happens. So far, we have gotten a mention (as well as a nice article) in a newspaper given freely to secondary education students. Of course, everyone is invited to go and catch a book, or to take some Quijote-related books to release. We will be in Madrid, Pza. de España, next Saturday Apr 23, at 12:00.

The Spanish Government's president, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, has registered and sent us a book which will be released in this event. Some other public figures have declined our invitation due to other commitments, but have wished us luck with the massive release.

BC-Spain is very alive, as shown by the multiple events recently organized: first national BC-Spain meeting, November 1-2, 2004 in Zaragoza, first Massive Release in Madrid last December 19, 2004, the "Mascletà" March 13, 2005 in Valencia, or the "libredía" in Gijón on March 19, 2005.

And if you are curious about how all this has come up, you can read about it in the Spanish mirror.

*April 23, The Day of the Book and the Rose, is the anniversary of the death of Miguel de Cervantes. See a related article here for more information.

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