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Time of Year to Give Thanks to BookCrossing

Shamelessly Naming Names and Telling Tales to Give Credit Where Due
by BigJohnLefty
November 20, 2004
BookCrossing as a whole appears to be a much more unified (though by no means homogeneous) group than other internet “communities”.
BookCrossers all over the world – I’m thankful you’re my friends! Although I’m not a “name-dropper” by nature, do feel compelled to list as many as I can of those in whose generosity, karma and/or good vibes I’ve had the benefit of basking, not to mention the enjoyment I've gotten from the books.

First of all, I feel obligated to name those who have set up resources that I personally have made good use of: y-vi1 (for the articles on HTML programming to flesh out a profile, and how to wild-release without leaving your car, as well as the links to printing labels), Texas Wren (for the FAQ page which has helped virtually every newcomer to this organization); I should also thank cliff1976, though I personally have yet to use his wish list(this may have to be a New Year's Resolution), and CasualReader for the bookrelay site.

Of course, there are the people who have let me in their bookrings, bookrays and bookboxes – writergrl, bookgal23, maurean, lightwavz, JeepACV, alrescate, Brewster13, EMA375, sharalsbooks, Secretariat, kz4ufo, illinicheme, and deadsteen; I even want to thank the ones whose rings haven’t shown up yet: DSM, MarciNYC, maurean, cyberkedi, Eucalia, YowlYY, Greyflank, mrsjones, llama-mama205, djfil, and adah-price. I also want to thank the people before me in various rings (for mailing them to me).

And I can’t forget the people who’ve signed up for bookrings I’ve hosted:
lonerunner, ecmwfinswe, gill846, Czersk, mlbish, ann32, JeepACV, mysteryfan03, Kitten22, RonOren, MollyGrue, huntersmith, Joanthro, ann-718my, djfil, Czersk, doryannlee, msoma, dagon, Auglaise, wandering, and Book-girl-24. Some of these folks have signed up for a couple of them.

Among those who’ve sent me RABCK’s during the past year: kristamd, y-vi1, karendawn, therubycanary, and of course appaloosatb, who sent me a box of 35 books, culled from the hundreds she “rescued” that were unsold (and about to be thrown into a dumpster) from a sale at her local library. I would encourage people who want to thank her for a similar act of kindness to consider making a donation to the animal shelter she's affiliated with.

I must also thank all the BookCrossers who are involved with OperationPaperback, BooksforSoldiers, and all other efforts at sending books to our troops overseas; as a veteran myself, I can testify that sometimes a good book is the only to keep your sanity during an overseas tour of duty.

Other "thank you"s to anonymous folk go out to those who've grabbed several of my wild releases; I'm hoping you'll thank me by journalling them someday.

And I want to thank all the people who have given me feedback on my various articles: wizzbizz, Bwheather, airehead, Antof9,little-lulu, lightwavz, frybaby, BooksnBeer, lonerunner, tesslouise, faramir10, dunnkat, sirgilgad, JessWsDaughter, Ann32, aussie-rose, hotflash, Brujula (who I also thank for complimenting me on my French), a1856, and (last but not least) BookWearm, who I found out lives a mere six miles from me - and we've been in several rings together! What a small world it is indeed!

And then somebody who just contacted me just out of the blue to offer me a RABCK: ruthwater. And, if there’s anybody I happened to leave out, just PM me – consider yourself eligible for a RABCK; take your pick off my massive TBR stack!

Thanks to those who have responded to informal surveys I’ve posted in the for a, like for instance: those 15 who replied to my “How Much Money” post, which yielded enough responses to generate an article: jenny72, y-VI1, Jawin, Judio, Ireland424, next-week, deenbat, annulla, MyopicMeringue, cartref, gidget2 ,GoryDetails, fly46,thebiblioholic, and Bunnybee.

I also feel compelled to thank the people from my local BookCrossing Meet-Up group; although over the last couple of years there have been a lot of “one-timers” (most of whose names escape me), there has evolved a sort of “core group” who have kept this thing going, and have sustained me with lots of books and interesting discussions:
Lisabb2 – “the hostess with the mostest”; iagal – the undisputed “queen of wild releases” for central Iowa; sooz345 – faithful keeper of the flame; 1103waterstreet – whose affinity for Jazz and travel is refreshing; and passonmybooks – a relative newcomer whose commitment shows promise.
Also locally, I’d also like to thank PaneraIA for establishing several OBCZ’s in the area, as well as HannahB, who has recently been prodigiously releasing books all over the metro area.

Thanks are also in order to notbob and other Omaha-area BookCrossers for keeping an OBCZ going at a coffee shop in the Old Market area, which is handy for me to release and pick up books (just further encouragement to carry books when traveling!) on my frequent visits there. And to drpimento, who maintains an OBCZ at his Bodega Brewpub in LaCrosse, WI - be on the lookout for another Walter Mosley RABCK!

During the past few months I have joined four different Yahoo! BookCrossing groups - bookcrossingqca, booknosers, and Bookworms Anonymous, in addition to the eponymous one. Although the folks there are too numerous to mention, Wizardsheart has been very helpful to me.

And last but not least – thanks go out to reno for getting this whole thing going… And it is here that I would like to issue a challenge of sorts – after listening to “pledge week” on National Public Radio stations last month, I was thinking about the “how much is it worth to you?” pitch given. I personally make donations of 10 dollars apiece to two NPR and one Public TV station, each month. I consider it well worth it (if for no other reason than to not have to listen to a lot of annoying commercials), and take a lot of pride in being a supporter.
When compared to, for instance, Cable TV or magazine subscriptions, I think any BookCrosser could arrive at some figure that suits their conscience.
I, for one, have enjoyed this whole endeavor immensely, and would be willing to part with some hard-earned cash to help make sure that this thing does not go away.

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