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First annual Spanish Bookcrossing meeting

400 books released at Zaragoza in one day
by Encuentrico
November 20, 2004
Last 10/30,10/31 and 11/1 more than 40 Spanish bookcrossers from all ages and cities all around Spain had gone to the first annual meeting of Spanish bookcrossers at the city of Zaragoza.

To celebrate this occasion we have done a massive release of more than 400 books in a place know as “Parque grande” (in English “Big Park) this massive release had attracted the interest of the most of the mass media in the city of Zaragoza and several articles about the event and about bookcrossing had been published in the principal newspapers of the city. The organization of the event has also been interviewed by a couple of radio stations.

We, the Spanish bookcrossers as a growing community had planned to repeat this joyful event once a year and from now on we invite all the bookcrossers all around the world to join us next year. The organization of the second “Encuentro Nacional de bookcrossing España” based in Barcelona will be glad to welcome you all.

Zaragoza BookCrossing

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