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Oxford includes Bookcrossing

Bookcrossing now an "official" word
by juffie
July 22, 2004
We just had a lovely holiday in Wales. Coming from the flat, low lands of Holland, it's quite an experience. O, how we loved the quiteness there up the hills. The only living beings we could see (and hear!) were the sheep. No telephone, no computer. Lots of books to read though. Heaven.

In the weekend my aunt came to visit us. She lives near Bristol. She brought her local newspaper of that day with her (Friday, July the 9th; Evening Post). The first newspaper I could read in days. I was just skimming through the pages and guess what: bookcrossing was mentioned there. Hold on, what's it about? The first new edition of the Concise Oxford English Dictionary of this century (COED), that was what it was about!

The COED has included the word bookcrossing, so I guess it's official now, isn't it? (without being included in the COED it would still go on, I suppose, but hey, this is The COED, people!):
Bookcrossing: the practice of leaving a book in a public place to be picked up and read by others, who then do likewise.

Now isn't that neat?

And there I was, no telephone, no computer, out there in the middle of nowhere. No internet cafe anywhere near from where I could spread the news. Well, I've done it now, with very proud feelings. We've made it to the COED. Ron made it to the COED. Congratulations and happy crossing everybody!

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