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Yes, we read in Casper Wyoming

Finally! A Meetup!
by bossmare
July 22, 2004
After picking my choice for a meetup venue for two years and always being canceled, I figured that no one else in Casper Wyoming was a reader but for me, my immediate family, and a few friends. I thought, what a great way to meet people, have books journaled by other readers that like to read the same type books I did and have fun doing it and then to meet them in person!

I went through my shelves, gave up the ones I loved, some I didn't and a few I'd forgotten I had. It was a labor of love registering, thinking up a critique of the book, either hoping to get it read or maybe seeing I didn't care for it and find out why by reading the book and journaling it.

I released books everywhere, bathrooms, the mall, stores, rest stops and under buffalo. I'd check back and except for one all were gone. I thought, Wow! I'll have tons of journal entries. Alas, few bothered but I didn't despair, I knew some would and they did.

I recieved an email about the next meetup on July 13th. I thought, now is my chance, I will email some Casper members and ask, plead, beg them to come to meetup at Metro Coffee Co. It worked! The personal invitation worked! Tuesday night we had our first meetup in Casper Wyoming, even though the meetup robot said our meeting was canceled. We ignored it and the six of us showed up exchanged books and had a great time (2.5 hours)! We talked books, drive-ins, movies, books, authors, likes, dislikes, and the bloody WIND! When we broke up to go home Casper was in the throes of a huge electrical storm, HUGE lightning! torrential rains, high winds! It was awesome. Someone up there likes us and this was the sign! Great meetup!

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