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Releasing for the Lazy

How to BookCross Without Getting Out of Your Car!
by yvi-1
June 30, 2004
I have to say, really, that I am a bit lazy. I can say it's the heat or my foot or the job I do, but at the end end of the day, it all comes down to laziness. I love to release books. I do, I do. But I really enjoy releasing books while never getting out of my car or for that matter turning the car engine off. So for those you of you aspiring to reach the pinnacle of laziness, here are some release spots and ideas.

Drive-up ATM -- By and far, this is my number one spot. I have had the most releases picked up from drive-up ATMs. Mind you, you do not have to keep this isolated to your own bank. I, personally, hit up every ATM on the main drag in my town. That's 15 eeeeaaaasssssyyy releases.

Some ATM machines have a little ledge under the area where you pick up the money. Generally I leave my book there. Some ATM machines do not have the little ledge so I will leave the book on top of the ATM machine or perhaps on the stand for the deposit envelopes. Sometimes I even leave a book *inside* the container for deposit envelopes. Many of the books I leave are never journalled; however, I have a feeling they are still being read. Since the ATMs are all on the main drag in my town, I can see many from the street. On the way back home from a day (uhmm, okay, an hour) of lazy releasing, I can see many of the ATMs I just hit. The books are already gone. They have been picked up by another ATM user. Perhaps they will never be journalled, but I do think they are being read.

If you ever happen to be at the drive-up window at a bank, you can also leave a book atop the bank-vacuum machine.

I suggest that you leave books in/on an ATM either on a weekend or during business hours. The folks who clean the bank show up after the bank closes ... so your book might be thrown away if you leave it at the ATM in the evening.

Fast Food Joint Drive-Up Window -- This spot is harder if you are not buying any food. However, it is a quick release when you do buy fast food. The best place to leave a book at the fast food window is the order speaker. Some speakers are close enough that you can place a book on top of it. If it isn't that close, you are welcome to get out of the car. My lazy-butt is staying planted *inside* the car.

The cleaning folks at fast food restaurants generally work a half day in the morning. So, it would be best to leave your book during or after the lunch rush and not too close to closing time.

Drive-up Post Office Boxes -- Well it seems to me that there are drive-up USPS big blue mailboxes in every neighborhood as well as at the post office. You need to scope them out and place them on your route so you don't do a lot of doubling back. You simply place the book on top of the mailbox. I suggest that for this method you use spine labels that say the book is free. I live in a windy area and have to lay the book down .... so it's not always easy to see the sticker up front that says the book is free. Although I do not get a huge amount of journalling from the post office boxes, the books are picked up.

The best time to leave books atop the mailboxes is during the day. You should also not place a book close to the time that the box is supposed to be "picked up" by the postperson.

Drive-up Phone Booths -- Have you noticed that public phones in gas stations have become shorter? The reason why is that they've made them so you can drive up to them and make a call without leaving the comforts of your car. So, drive up, leave a book, move on. Any time is a good time at a phone booth.

Drive-up Newspaper Stands -- In the area where I live, they sell newspapers in big metal boxes. The big metal boxes are placed in neighborhoods and generally have an area for you to drive up to them. Although you can't buy a newspaper without getting out of your car, you can definitely leave a book on top of one of the boxes. Can we say "target audience"? People picking up a newspaper already read! It's a primo spot for leaving a book. The best time to leave your book here is on a Sunday. In the U.S. that is the biggest edition as well as the most-consumed.

Drive-up Pharmacies -- This is another place where you need to purchase something to be able to leave a book. It's another easy release though if you are already there. Well-before close of business is the best time to leave a book at the drive-up pharmacy.

Drive-up Book or Video Drops -- Some towns (not mine!) have drive-up book or movie video drops. The former is generally at the library; the latter is generally at your local rental movie shop. Evening would be the best time to leave a book atop one of these boxes as they are usually not open for deposit during regular business hours.

Phew! I'm tired! I'm glad I didn't have to get out of my chair to write this article! *grin* Actually this method of release did not stem from laziness. It stemmed from being at the ATM and thinking "boy this is a good release spot", followed by the thought "any ATM is a good release spot". This method of release is also rather anonymous. So for those of you that are VERY embarassed at the thought of getting caught "leaving" a book somewhere, this is an excellent form of release for you.

Good releasing!

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