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Another person's treasure

How to enlighten someone's life with an unwanted book
by nrrdgrrl
February 3, 2004
I used to review books for a newspaper - youth books, the hard-to-get type, for youngsters age 13-17. It's a thin market for a group that's quite difficult to reach, being into reading instead of phones and fast food.

One publisher must have either liked my style or suffered a computer glitch, because they suddently started sending me new-age spiritual books - complex ones, too. I couldn't understand the title of most, let alone grasp the content. I'm sure my absolute non-interest wasn't much help.

So when I joined BookCrossing, those were the first books I released. Good riddance!

To my surprise they've been very well received. Several of them had cheering reviews. They are being passed along from one BookCrosser to the next, and many of them let me know how the book has changed their lives.

"This came just when I needed it," said one.

"Turning point in my life, thank you!" exclaimed another.

Talk about karma - those books have definitely found their destinations.

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