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Medium   by Brigitte Riebe

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Amazon Editorial Review

The famous story of the Labyrinth of Crete, of Theseus, Ariadne, and the Minotaur, told from a matriarchal perspective. Asterios, son of Queen Pasiphaë and a bull dancer, becomes the first male priest of the Great Mother to wear a bull mask during sacrifices and will, according to the Oracle, rescue Crete from a threatening demise. Yet when he becomes entangles in the tragic love story with his half-sister Ariadne and nearly dies in a mortal duel with the Attican heir to the throne, Theseus, his prospects of success seem dim … Press “This novel by Brigitte Riebe is like a dreamlike return to a time when we all believed in tales of fantasy, or at least didn’t want to rule out that they might be true.” Sender Freies Berlin „A story as captivating as a murder mystery.“ Madame „Brigitte Riebe’s book Palace of the Blue Dolphins is for me one of the finest historical novels. Sagas, myths and historical facts are woven together in a fascinating plot. Brigitte Riebe conjures up the ancient world of the Great Goddess who at that time was mightier than all the male gods in the Greek Olympia. It was the world of matriarchy which came to a close with the invasions of tribes from the mainland.“ Brigitte “The historian Brigitte Riebe, who has studied early cultures that were dominated by women, relates the saga from the point of view of the matriarchal Cretan culture. The result is a captivating historical novel about love, politics and the demise of a culture.“ Gala Author Brigitte Riebe holds a doctorate in History and spent many years working as a publisher’s editor. Her most successful works to date are her historical novels Palast der blauen Delphine, Straße der Sterne and Die sieben Monde des Jakobus. Her most recent novel through Diana is Die Sünderin von Siena.

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