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corner corner International BC Day Contest: 2nd edition. See the winners!
January 16, 2015

It's time (in fact, we're a little bit late) for the second edition of the BookCrossing Day Contest!

For those who did not participate last year:
we'll be celebrating the second International BookCrossing Day this year.
As the day, Heather chose April 21st, because that was the day when she felt that BookCrossing was not only launched, but started to 'come alive'.

It's really simple: release one or more books on this day, and you're in. If you want to make your releases more festive, you can use the special labels and stickers we'll put in the Store.
But here's the rub: those labels need to be designed. Since we BookCrossers are a creative bunch, surely we can come up with some great labels? So grab your art supplies of choice, and start doodling! (... knitting, taking photographs, sculpting... you get the picture.)

We need your design to be in our mailbox before January 31, and after that we'll put it online so people can pick their favourite. It needs to be square, and the size needs to be 800 x 800 pixels or larger for good printing results.
Please make sure that any image you submit is something you have created yourself. Stock images cannot be entered into the contest. And please don't refer to a specific year, because we'd like for this to become a tradition and so we may be using your labels more than once.

Images that were entered last year, but did not win any prizes, can be re-entered this year. People who manage the Supply Store, however, cannot enter this contest.

If your label is chosen, we'll send you a pack, on the house! And BookCrossing members all over the world will be able to buy your label in the Store.

If we think of any other prizes we can give out, we'll post it here. This is also where you can go and ask questions.


Voting has started! Go here to see the entries, and vote for your favo(u)rite:


The winners are known! Read all about it here.

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