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corner corner BookCrossing Translation Project: an update
October 3, 2013

It's about time we let you know how things are going regarding the project of translating the BookCrossing website. As you may know, our goal is to translate the site into a whole lot of different languages, and make them available through the drop-down menu at the top right, and the setting inside your profile.

First, some good news to start with. We have some new translators for Russian, and we're pleased as punch about that. Russian is a very big language, meaning that a lot of people speak it; also, it's close to several other languages, close enough for many people to understand it even if they themselves don't speak Russian. So this is a language we've been eager to add for a long time. Hurray for Lenuxa and Dimapilot!
And if other speakers of Russian want to lend a hand, they're most welcome!

There are other languages that could use a volunteer or two. Polish and Swedish currently seem to be stuck; also, Norwegian Bokmal is completely translated, but no one is available to do the final bit of proofreading.
Ukrainian and Czech are halfway done, but not moving forward at this time. And Arabic, Armenian and Filipino have only one volunteer each, which doesn't really help either.

The most recent addition is Turkish. Welcome to the project, Lemniskat! Let's hope we can find you some help soon, too.

In other words, some new volunteers would be great right now, and would really help us move forward. Here is a list of the languages that have one or more translator, and can use a hand:

Chinese (either traditional or simplified Han)

It's a long list, we know. Ambitious much? Yes, we are!
We really want to make BookCrossing.com available to as many people as we possibly can. This worldwide library we're building is meant for everyone who can read.

Are you:
- a native speaker of one of these languages (or a different one)
- who also speaks decent English,
- are you familiar with the site,
- and are you willing and able to join the BC Translation Project as a translation volunteer?
Then we'd be honoured as well as excited to have you join us.

In that case, please drop Moem a PM and she'll be in touch.

Overview of the languages involved in the project, and their current status. Swedish looks like it's mostly done, but that's because it uses Norwegian as a template.

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