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corner corner News from the Store: Bally's Bottom Dollar Sale! And... some Bags
February 22, 2013

Here's some serendipity for you! When Heather was recently looking for something in the garage, she tripped over a couple of unmarked boxes. Of course she opened them to see what was inside... and found a batch of BookCrossing supplies that had been stored away and forgotten!

We thought you might be interested, especially if we'd give you a great deal on them and round the prices down to whole dollars. So here it is: Bally's Bottom Dollar sale!
Make sure you pick up some bargains as long as stocks last; when they're gone, they're gone.

Some of these supplies are a bit dusty or slightly bent from being stored for so long. So we adjusted the prices so that you'll get an amazingly good deal on them. And don't worry, they're perfectly fine to use.

The very last box held a special surprise. In there, Heather found some release bags, that we thought were long gone! The amounts are limited, but we thought we'd offer them to you anyway. So these will return to the Store untill they are all gone, which may happen fast. If you've been waiting to order some, now's your chance!

Don't forget: with any purchase of $30 or more in supplies, you'll get free Wings!

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