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corner corner From the UK Region Manager Team: Announcing restructuring of locations in UK
October 3, 2011

After a lengthy consultation and discussion period the UK Regional Managers have decided on the following re-organisation of UK zones. All the Scottish and Welsh regions, areas or counties will be merged into the existing states of Scotland and Wales.The counties of England and Northern Ireland will remain as existing, and be identified in two lists marked with (non-clickable) headings of “England” and “Northern Ireland” respectively.

This should reflect the views of the majority of users although we accept that it will not satisfy everyone. Once the merges at 'state' level are done it will take us a considerable while to merge all the duplicate zones that will be revealed and we are sorry if this causes any inconvenience. We hope that the resultant system will eventually become clearer and easier to use.

If you spot anything that you feel needs to be corrected please post the details in the Site Clean-up forum. Link to thread there is http://www.bookcrossing.com/forum/32/465605

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