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corner corner Tidying Up the UK Member Locations and Release Zones
August 25, 2011

And now, a message from the UnCon Newsletter...

A new entry on the Schedule for this year’s Nottingham Unconvention is a presentation from the UK BookCrossing Region Managers, who will be asking for our help.

For those of you who don’t know who the Region Managers are, they are a group of volunteer BookCrossers who help to tidy up the release zones on the BookCrossing website by responding to information posted in the Site Clean-Up forum. They can correct spelling of zones, jiggle them about into the correct places, and hide those that no longer exist (ie cafes that may have shut down). The UK has its own team of Region Managers to help sort things out. So instead of the Natural History Museum in London being located in ten different zones (and at one point three different countries), they can combine them into one release zone. Historically, UK release zones have been organised based on a three level U.S. system (country -> state/province -> city/town), which is not always a good fit for multi-level UK locations.

There now is the opportunity for UK BookCrossers to influence how release zones are set up on the main BookCrossing website in the future. With only 15 minutes scheduled to discuss this at the Uncon, the Region Managers are asking that we all think about how we would like to see UK release zones organised in advance of the Uncon, so that the discussion can kick off quickly on the day.

And if you can’t make the Uncon but want to post your ideas, please head to the site clean up forum at Bookcrossing.

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