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corner corner BookCrossing 2.0 to Launch Tonight!! Site Will Be Down From 8 p.m. PDT in Preparation.
May 24, 2010

The following is a message from Bruce. The original is posted in the Announcements Forum.

Circumstances make it necessary to launch the new site tonight, May 24 at 8pm 2000 PDT. Anticipated outage will be 6 hours.

Though the new site is still in Beta and has some known bugs in it, things are at the point where juggling the two sites (old and new) is no longer possible. There simply are not the resources to do so, both in financial and manpower terms. Matt is committed to work every day to upgrade new functions, restore anything not working properly and add additional features, as well as continue to work on the bug list that the Alpha testers have identified.

As to language, the content is with our volunter translators, and they are still working on it. We are very grateful for their hard work and will update in local languages when each translation is ready. Untranslated pages will bear a note saying something like, "Pardon our English. We're translating as fast as we can."

All questions, concerns, bugs related to the new site etc should be directed to the Beta forum, which will be open to all members. General questions can still go in the Q&A forum but if there are Beta-specific concerns, they should be posted in the Beta forum, which will be checked regularly.

At the bottom of the new site is a link called "Roadmap" which gives kind of a to-do list for upcoming versions of the new site. Not all things will be on there, but it will give a little idea of some of what's coming in the next updates.

Here is a time converter link with the PDT prefilled for everyone:

Please share this announcement any way possible: FaceBook, Twitter, BookCrossing groups, etc. We want to get the word out as best as possible.

Thank you all for your support and help,

On behalf of Heather, Matt and all who work/volunteer here at BookCrossing


While we don't anticipate problems with access to the site, we have an email set up BetaHelp AT bookcrossing.com which will be up over the next few weeks if people have login issues, or can't get to the forum. For those who have the regular support email addresses (from past correspondences) those, too, will work.

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