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corner corner What Will It Be? Members Plus or Wings? Find Out Soon!
May 14, 2010

Wings or Members Plus? Members Plus or Wings? Since just about the beginning of BookCrossing Time, we've tried to find ways to say 'thank you' to members who helped out in various ways, particularly those who support the site through purchases in the Supply Store. Initially, those folks got little bitty stars around their names, then later the stars were replaced by wings around the name. The program of thanks became called "Wings".

Eventually, it was believed that Wings was a kind of awkward term to explain, and even though it was a part of our BookCrossing vocabulary, it was confusing to many, especially when the symbols that could surround names expanded to include many more than wings. Various names were tossed around, and the one that was chosen was Members Plus.

The new BookCrossing website will be launching soon. Which name will carry forth on the new site? Stay tuned!

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