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corner corner Lovely Book and Lovely Movie: The Lovely Bones
November 23, 2009

Pop the popcorn and prepare yourselves: Paramount's North American release of the movie of Alice Sebold's The Lovely Bones is almost here*. This story of love, grief, forgiveness and hope has touched many readers. As the #4 most released book of all time on our site, we couldn't help thinking that you (such passionate readers) would be interested in this upcoming film. We've partnered with Paramount to get the word out about the movie, which is directed by Peter Jackson and stars Mark Wahlberg, Rachel Weisz & Susan Sarandon. Check out the conversations in our Based on the Book: Books to Movies forum on the book and the movie made from it. We know there are lots of opinions out there and look forward to hearing from you all. Keep your eyes open in the forums for other BookCrossing opportunities related to The Lovely Bones.

*Promotional information. including movie release dates, contests and articles pertaining to The Lovely Bones relates to the North American premiere of the movie only. We don't wish to exclude our members outside of North America. We welcome your participation in any forum activities and encourage you to see the film when it comes to your home region. Thank you.

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