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corner corner Travelling the World With BookCrossing -- For Real!
March 16, 2009

We are totally gobsmacked by Bookish-Angel, who has just completed an astounding feat. She has travelled the world and released a book on every continent! Her releases were often themed, and often were books that had already travelled from other BookCrossers, so many folks got to sort of stow away on the trips. North America was probably the first continent completed, with any one of a number of books released there as it is Bookish-Angel's home territory. Next up on the "Personally Release A Book on Each of the Seven Continents"* Quest was Europe, (Amsterdam, The Netherlands to be exact), where she released Rainy Lake at Mulligan's Irish Music Bar, Amstel 100. Then off to Antarctica where she made a great themed release: Scott of the Antarctic. The South American release was in Ushuaia, Tierro del Fuego, Argentina, where she did another themed release of Lonely Planet Argentina, Uruguay & Paraguay. Africa was the next continent conquered. A Curse of Silence: A Mystery of Ancient Egypt was released in Johannesburg, South Africa. Australian releases were in Sydney (A Little Spoonful of Chicken Soup for the Soul - 2nd Helping, and Tale of the Unknown Island). The last books released for the quest were La Maravilla and The Appeal in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. The entire mission took 2 and a half years, and was completed well within the time limit Bookish-Angel had set for herself. Congratulations!

* Full list of books released, including some controlled releases and a few in international waters, is on Bookish-Angel's shelf.

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