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corner corner Forum Facelift
September 3, 2008

You've had your say, and we listened! Look for some changes in our forums in the near future. Based on a great deal of member feedback, we've shuffled, renamed, and added to the list of BookCrossing forums. You'll soon see two Announcement forums (and no, you're not seeing double). BookCrossing Site Announcements will be the home for all official site announcements from our management, Support, Newsletter teams and from our Supply Store. Check here frequently to keep up-to-date on such things as new feature notifications, site updates, store items and general "official" BC news. Members may comment in threads, but not post announcements here. A new forum, Community Bulletin Board will be the spot for member-generated news and announcements. Feature Requests will get a new description. A couple of forums will be renamed and expanded to help give a better description to the scope of discussions within them. The Wish List Forum will be renamed Random and Not-So-Random Acts of BookCrossing Kindness and will focus on all the aspects of book exchange that occur on our site. Our Activists will have to move over and make room as the forum will now be called Activists, Enthusiasts, Hobbyists and Wannabees and the forum will be a place to talk about BookCrossing, what we love, what we want want for the site, and what we envision for the future of BookCrossing. Members told us that many were scared off by the "advanced" in the title of the Advanced Questions forum when they had a simple (not "beginner") question to ask. The new name, Site Questions: Basic and Advanced should be a bit more welcoming to all with questions.

We'll be reordering the forums, too, at some point in the near future, and have bumped the two Announcements forums, Conventions and Meetings, Introduce Yourself, Newbies, and the language-based forums to the top. All else will come below in alphabetical order. We know that some people will love the changes, and some people will grumble, probably loudly, about many of them. However, we've done this with member feedback guiding us, in an effort to make our forums a little more descriptive and accessible to all members, new and old alike.

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